Toronto mayor gets mad about online poll, pens open letter about LeBron James/Dwyane Wade/Raptors championship parade

Chris Jackson/Getty Images
12 Comments posted a poll asking which team will win the championship. The choices:

  • Warriors
  • Thunder
  • Cavaliers
  • Other

This is a strange way to frame the poll when just four teams remain in the playoffs – the Raptors conspicuously excluded as a direct option.

A big deal? I sure don’t think so.

But the poll aggravated many overly sensitive Canadians, including THE MAYOR OF TORONTO.

John Tory:

LeBron James didn’t say he was looking forward to playing the Heat. He said he wanted to play a playoff series against Dwyane Wade, and that meant facing Miami. LeBron never predicted he’d get that matchup.

And what did Toronto show Wade about shooting during O Canada? He apologized. The end.

Best of all, this whole overblown response – again, to an online poll – probably stems from Tory and his band of bellyachers not understanding context.

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