Report: Lakers expected to try trading draft pick if it’s No. 3

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

The Lakers lose their first-round draft pick if it falls outside the top three in tonight’s lottery (44% chance of that  happening).

They reportedly want to trade the pick if it hits No. 1 (20% chance of it landing there).

What about other possibilities?

Chad Ford of ESPN:

Multiple sources said at the combine this week that they expect the pick to be in play if it’s No. 3 — with the Lakers looking for a young veteran in return.

Good luck.

This is a two-player draft with a significant drop after Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram. So, the third pick holds less value in this draft than an average one. The Lakers might not want the pick, but other teams will likely view it similarly.

You’re not using the No. 3 pick as a centerpiece of a package that lands Paul George.

That said, the Lakers might be willing to take commensurate value for the pick if it comes in the form of a veteran ready to help the team win now. That’s what Jim Buss needs, and he’s running the show.