Report: Knicks president Phil Jackson interviewed Jeff Hornacek

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Phil Jackson has apparently awoken from his vacation.

Not only did he talk to Frank Vogel, the Knicks president has also interviewed Jeff Hornacek.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Sources told that Knicks president Phil Jackson recently met with Hornacek

Hornacek has likewise ‎interviewed for a number of openings over the past month-plus and, according to sources, would be at or near the top of Golden State’s list in the Warriors’ search for a new lead assistant coach at season’s end if he’s still available

Kurt Rambis still looms, but with David Blatt, this makes four known candidates.

I’m slowly returning to the theory that Jackson touted Rambis to make a friend look good and make New York’s eventual hire look better by comparison. After all Knicks fans have been through with this search, Hornacek would seem fantastic.

Taking a step back, he’d still be pretty good. His lack of triangle experience might limit his candidacy, but Hornacek can install an offense that his players would believe in. At best, Jackson would help Hornacek integrate triangle principles that make the team even more effective.

But I’m still unconvinced Jackson is that open-minded.

Assisting Steve Kerr in Golden State would be a nice fallback option for Hornacek, who is also reportedly a candidate with the Magic, Grizzlies and Rockets. The Warriors have invested in building a strong coaching staff, and Alvin Gentry’s and Luke Walton’s departures in consecutive years have created an opening for another quality assistant.