A good way to spend Saturday evening: Damian Lillard’s top 10 plays of season


Damian Lillard gets overlooked too much as one of the top point guards in the NBA. Maybe it’s because he’s in Portland, which doesn’t land a lot of nationally televised games (when the powers that be want to show a West Coast time zone game, there’re a few bigger name options). Maybe it’s because of the glut of great point guards in the league right now. Maybe it’s because his team lost four starters going into this season and they were written off — then spent the season proving everybody wrong.

Whatever the reasons, it’s not right. There is no more entertaining player to watch in the league than Lillard. No, not even that guy is the Bay Area, in pure entertainment value as a fan Lillard can hang with anyone.

So enjoy his best plays of the past season. It’s the best we can do on an NBA off day.