Quote of the Day: Gregg Popovich knows Spurs’ loss isn’t interplanetary concern

gregg popovich spurs
Getty Images

“They just discovered 1200 new planets, someone just lost a basketball game, get over yourself.”
—Gregg Popovich, coach of San Antonio Spurs, via Casey Keirnan of News 4 San Antonio

That’s about the most Popovich thing to say ever.

NASA did locate 1,284 new planets, although they are a little out of range for your summer vacation plans. It is a huge deal in the scientific community, and is the kind of thing that reminds us the trivialities of our daily lives that can absorb and overwhelm us at times are not that big, and usually not that important.

That said, the next couple months will see a lot more analysis and words written about the Spurs needs — athleticism along the front line, to start — than those lonely planets.