Carmelo Anthony says he’ll ‘absolutely’ play for Knicks next season

Elsa/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony doesn’t know his coach for next season. He doesn’t know whom the Knicks’ cap space will lure. He doesn’t know how quickly Kristaps Porzingis will develop.

But he says he’ll stay with New York.

Marc Berman of the New York Post:

When asked by Yahoo Finance if he will be on the Knicks next season, Anthony said, “Oh, yeah, you’ll see me for the Knicks. Absolutely.”

Anthony is under contracts three more seasons and has a no-trade clause. If he wants to stay in New York, he will.

He has repeatedly expressed his loyalty to the Knicks, and I believe there’s a genuine feeling behind it.

But the facts are unavoidable:

There’s incentive on both sides to explore a deal, and those factors won’t change. Will Anthony’s outlook?

So far, he keeps holding steady in his stated desire to remain a Knick.