Report: Space Jam 2 producers interested in casting J.R. Smith

Jason Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James will reportedly star in Space Jam 2.

He might be joined on the silver screen by Cavaliers teammate J.R. Smith.


TMZ Sports has learned producers have already reached out to Cavs star J.R. Smith for a role in the flick.

We spoke to Smith’s rep Daniel Hazan … who says producers contacted him a few weeks ago to see if Smith would be down for a part — and J.R.’s ears perked up.

“There is mutual interest,” Hazan says.

As for the role — nothing’s set in stone, but producers have kicked around the idea of Smith possibly voicing an animated character … a la “the Monstars” from the original.

This is the advantage of playing with LeBron. It brings opportunities often reserved for All-Stars like Blake Griffin and Isaiah Thomas, who want parts in the movie.

Just something to keep in mind as Smith can hit free agency this summer.