NBA rulebook calls it a ‘basket ring,’ which isn’t that far from what Ted Cruz said


Ted Cruz has been mocked for, in trying to recreate a scene from the movie “Hoosiers,” calling the rim a “basketball ring.”

But is that such an outlandish term?

NBA rulebook:

A team’s basket consists of the basket ring and net through which its players try to shoot the ball.

Each basket ring shall be securely attached to the backboard with its upper edge 10′ above and parallel to the floor and equidistant from the vertical edges of the board. The nearest point of the inside edge of the ring shall be 6″ from the plane of the face of the board. The ring shall be painted orange.

“Basketball ring” isn’t quite “basket ring,” but it’s closer than Cruz’s critics are letting on. The difference is minor, and “ring” is clearly acceptable.

Cruz has said far, far worse.