It’s not just Chris Paul, Clippers’ Blake Griffin 50/50 for Game 5 with quad injury

Getty Images

Monday night was about as rough a night as Doc Rivers could have imagined — his Clippers lost to the Blazers, tying the series at 2-2, and that wasn’t the worst part of the night. Chris Paul suffered a broken hand that almost certainly means he is done for the season.

But that wasn’t the only significant injury, the Clippers could be without Blake Griffin in Game 5 as well Doc Rivers said.

Remember it was the quad that originally kept Griffin out injured last December — while he was out he punched a team employee and broke his hand, which added months to his time off — and it was that quad that in part delayed his return from that broken hand. It’s not going away.

If the Clippers have to start Austin Rivers and Paul Pierce in the place of Paul and Griffin, Game 5 just became a massive challenge. Even if it’s in Los Angeles.