Mark Cuban: Thunder have only one superstar, Kevin Durant. Westbrook falls short.


Apparently Mark Cuban wanted to see his Mavericks eliminated on Monday night and was trying to fire up the one guy on the Thunder who plays better angry. That or Cuban just likes to say things to get a reaction. You can decide which.

The Mavericks’ owner raised a few eyebrows with this pregame comment Monday, via ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.

Um, ok.

Durant is undoubtedly a bigger crossover name than Westbrook, but not by that much. Westbrook has his own fashion line, can be found on national late night talk shows, played on the big stage of the Olympics and won gold, plus ends up in fashion and pop culture magazines. Plus he’s a top five player in the league right now.

That says superstar to me.

But he may not be as famous as Cuban. Then again, neither is Dirk Nowitzki.