Report: Dario Saric plans to join Sixers next season


The Sixers made a controversial late-season front-office change, and they’re going to reap the benefits of Sam Hinkie’s work next season. Already, international basketball reporter David Pick is saying that Dario Saric, the Croatian forward Philadelphia drafted 12th overall in 2014, will come over to the NBA next season:

This is good news for the Sixers, but a questionable decision by Saric if he wants to maximize his money. For the first three years after a player is drafted, they are bound by the rookie scale. After that, they can make whatever they negotiate. Saric’s salary next season will be around $1.8 million—given his talent and accomplishments overseas, as well as the rising salary cap, he could probably negotiate much more than that if he waited one more year. But he clearly wants to come over and prove himself in the NBA.