Report: Chris Bosh has no plans of retiring, but don’t expect him to suit up in playoffs

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Chris Bosh isn’t going anywhere.

That’s true for both this series and his career, according to a report in the Miami Herald. Bosh is still on blood thinners (to avoid clotting that could be life threatening) and with that will not suit up for the Heat these playoffs. However, he plans to be back next season.

Bosh has indicated to associates that he has no plans to retire at this time and intends to play next season for the Heat. He is under contract for three seasons after this one, at roughly $75.5 million. Even if he retired this offseason, the Heat would not receive any salary-cap relief until summer 2017…

Bosh, eager to return, has sought opinions from multiple doctors about whether it was safe to come off the blood thinners in order to resume playing this season. On that issue, there were different opinions among the doctors consulted by Bosh, according to two sources with direct knowledge. But most of the doctors consulted believed Bosh should continue taking the blood thinners for several months, which is common treatment for the condition, even though the clot dissipated several weeks ago. That is ultimately the course Bosh took.

With $75 million on the line, none of us would walk away.

It can’t be easy for Bosh. He’s competitive, he wants to be on the court, watching the playoffs in a suit is not what he signed up for. On the other hand, his condition can be life threating if left untreated, and the treatment prevents him from playing. There is only one choice there, but it’s got to be frustrating.

Hopefully he can find a balance in future seasons that keeps one of the good guys in the game on the court and healthy.