Will Boston’s Isaiah Thomas draw fine (or more) for hit on Dennis Schroder?


Game 3 between Boston and Atlanta felt like a real NBA playoff game. So yes, it got a little chippy.

To which the referees leaned in and called three Flagrant 1 fouls — all of which were borderline at best, in my opinion. Clearly the league has sent out a memo emphasizing their position that any blow to the head is a flagrant, because these were the kinds of fouls that come in physical playoff games (in my eyes) but the refs consistently called it too tight.

Which brings us to Isaiah Thomas‘ first-quarter shot to Dennis Schroder (video above). To me, I’d say “Welcome to playoff basketball” and move along. However, with the way things were called in this game, don’t be shocked if Thomas draws a fine from the league for that hit. That should be it at most, but as the league’s fines/suspensions come with the consistency of roulette to me, who knows? Maybe he gets more. But I would hope not.