NBA: James Harden should have been called for offensive foul on game-winning shot


Is this even a surprise?

Down one with 10.7 remaining after an Ian Clark layup gave Golden State a one-point lead, James Harden brought the ball up the court. Andre Iguodala picked him up 30 feet out. Harden drove hard to his preferred left, spun back to the middle — and as he did pushed off on Iguodala to create space. It worked, Harden stepped back and nailed the 13-foot jumper. Ballgame.

The NBA reviews the calls in the final two minutes of close games.

The league said Harden should have been called for an offensive foul, that he pushed off. Watch the video above, he did. No question.

Two things here:

First, sorry Warriors fans, but that report and $4 will buy you a latte at Starbucks. It’s nice so you can use it to complain, but it’s ultimately meaningless. The bucket still counts.

Second, and key for Harden and other scorers, is there is zero chance any referee would call it in that situation. Referees swallow their whistles the last couple minutes in the playoffs, and Harden knows it. He made the smart play. This was about as likely to be called as Michal Jordan’s push off on Byron Russell.