Report: Kings telling prospective coaches they will be backed if they discipline DeMarcus Cousins


The Sacramento Kings hate the perception that star center DeMarcus Cousins runs the franchise. That he can push back against coaches with impunity.

Meaning the Kings are are telling to potential coaches — Mark Jackson, Mike Woodson, Vinny Del Negro, Ettore Messina, Sam Mitchel, Luke Walton, and the list goes on and on in a very broad search — that if they feel the need to discipline Cousins next season, the franchise will have the coach’s back.

From Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee.

The Kings should not hire a coach just because Cousins does or does not like a coach.

However, here’s a novel idea: get his input on the process. Vlade Divac should go to Cousins and say “here are the guys we’re sitting down with, are there guys here you like or don’t like? Why?” Make him feel listened to — and consider his advice. That’s what teams do with franchise players. Don’t make a decision based on it, but put it in the mix with all the other things that need to be considered when hiring a coach. The Kings expressly ignored Cousins’ distaste for George Karl, hired him anyway, and boy wasn’t that a fun season in Sacramento?

If you want to build an inclusive culture, be inclusive.

Then whoever the Kings hire — whatever style of play he intends to bring to the team — stick with it for three seasons. Continuity is a good thing.