Hassan Whiteside calls on NBA to fine Cody Zeller for flop (video)

AP Photo/Chuck Burton

Hassan Whiteside is trying to get his money.

First, he wants the NBA to take some of Cody Zeller‘s.

The Heat center didn’t like his second foul in yesterday’s Game 2 win over the Hornets.

Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post:

As usual, I’m hesitant to assign intent.

Should Whiteside have been called for a foul? No. Did Zeller staggering back contribute to the whistle being blown? Yes.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean Zeller intentionally staged his reaction to draw a foul. Not everyone has perfect body control at all times. Isn’t it also possible Zeller, having his run forward interrupted by a large man, just lost his balance?

I lean toward believing Zeller flopped, but I’m not certain enough to call for a fine. Then again, I’m rarely certain a flopping fine is warranted, and the NBA issues plenty¬†anyway.

video via reddit user Splash2ndcousin