Report: Wizards are pushing to close deal with Scott Brooks before other teams enter picture


There are teams that have not yet fired their coach but who are expected to have serious interest in Scott Brooks as a potential successor. The Houston Rockets are widely reported to be one of them (they are still alive in the playoffs for at least a couple more games) but I can tell you for certain they are not alone.

Which is why the Wizards are making their push now to get Brooks off the market, before other teams get in on the bidding. From Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports, and Marc Stein of ESPN.

Brooks has been mentioned in connection with the Rockets’ job, which still technically belongs to J.B. Bickerstaff. Again, the Rockets are not alone in that line.

You can be sure Brooks and his well-known agent have had contact with the teams interested in his services who have not yet declared an opening. It’s all done back channel, not unlike free agent feeling out processes that start before July 1.

The question becomes how much does Brooks like what Washington offers vs. these other teams? That conversation starts with money, but includes the team’s roster, how well he can work with the GM (are they on the same page), organizational stability, weather, taxes, where his wife wants to live, and on down the line. The decisions coaches make are not unlike the big life decisions you and I make about our careers or changing jobs — money matters, but it’s not the only thing on the table.

If Grunfeld and the Wizards do not close the deal in the next couple days, it would suggest Brooks has his eyes elsewhere.