Report: Timberwolves moving toward hiring Tom Thibodeau with Scott Layden as GM

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Tom Thibodeau wants to work for the Timberwolves as president/coach.

The feeling appears mutual.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Layden is an assistant general manager with the Spurs who had a disastrous tenure running the Knicks. Layden was so bad, he’s the first line of defense in any attacks on Isiah Thomas’ run in New York. Yes, Thomas did poorly. But he also inherited Layden’s mess.

Perhaps, Layden learned a lot in San Antonio. He also succeeded with the Jazz before going to New York, where the problems run deep into ownership. It’s not certain Layden can’t handle this job.

At minimum, Layden has front-office experience, which Thibodeau would need at his side as a first-time executive. Layden could help Thibodeau implement an organization structure.

But is Thibodeau the guy you want establishing your entire culture?

His hard-charging ways and tactical brilliance make him an excellent coach in the most direct way possible. But questions about his ability to see the bigger picture are only magnified as team president. Thibodeau could use a check on his power, though after his experience in Chicago, I’m not surprised he values less oversight.

Still, he’ll need plenty of help if he gets this dual job. Layden wouldn’t be the most inspiring choice.