Report: Jeff Van Gundy, Scott Brooks co-favorites for Rockets job

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Jeff Van Gundy reportedly tops the Rockets’ list of coaching candidates, but he has company:

Scott Brooks, who’s reportedly also leading the Wizards’ search.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

Brooks should probably wait. The Rockets have a better track record team-building, and he has experience with James Harden from their time with the Thunder. If Brooks can motivate Harden, that could be a better job. It’s at least worth finding out. What’s the worst that happens? Washington hires someone else?

If the Wizards truly believe Brooks is their optimal choice, they should wait on him. The Kings and Knicks are the only other lottery teams searching for coaches. New York is in its own world, and Sacramento will have a tough time pitching other candidates. It’s unlikely Washington misses on its second choice if Houston gets Brooks.

The Rockets are on track to lose quickly in the first round, and that should get the coaching cycle churning faster.