Charlie Villanueva on Russell Westbrook diss: Directed at me or Cameron Payne?

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant didn’t like Charlie Villanueva interrupting Westbrook’s pregame dance routine with Cameron Payne.

Durant called it “fake s—,” and Westbrook agreed with the “fake” descriptor. Then, Westbrook added another assessment:

That’s for the guys that don’t play. You’ve got to do something.

Villanueva responded:


I’ve heard Russell Westbrook talking about those are for the guys that don’t play. And I don’t necessarily know who he’s talking about, because, Cameron Payne and myself, we both had the same stat line.

Then, Kevin Durant added his two cent. But Kevin is a good kid, so I’m just going to leave him alone.

If you want to go dancing and stuff like that, go to a night club. Go to a club and dance. Go to Dancing with the Stars and be dancer. You want to battle and dance? We can battle. But not on the basketball game. Not on a basketball game.

Plus, they were in my way, too. So, I wasn’t necessarily interrupting their dance.

I can’t wait to see what Villanueva and Payne do for Game 3. As Westbrook said, the guys who don’t play have to do something.

Westbrook might do something himself, too.