Russell Westbrook shoves aside Charlie Villanueva to continue pregame dance routine

Getty Images

Nobody, and I mean nobody, interrupts Russell Westbrook‘s pregame dance routine.

Westbrook and Cameron Payne were doing their pregame routine when Dallas, Charlie Villanueva decided to get in the middle of it. Literally. Westbrook just shoves him out of the way and keeps on dancing.

After the game, Kevin Durant and Westbrook both took shots at Charlie V.

Thing is, if you’re a superstitious basketball player and you did something like disrupt a player’s pregame routine, and the disrupted player then went out and shot 8-of-22 on the night (which wasn’t much better than Durant’s 7-of-33 night) and your team got the upset win, wouldn’t you do it again next game?

Then again, you’ll just make Russell Westbrook angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.