Bucks owners back Jason Kidd

AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

Jason Kidd was reportedly “on shaky ground with the Bucks.”

Owners Marc Lasry (Kidd’s longtime friend) and Wes Edens say otherwise.

Charles F. Gardner of the Journal Sentinel:

The owners made it clear they want Kidd to continue, and Lasry said it’s reasonable to assume the coach would receive an extension.

“At the end of the day, Jason is our coach,” Lasry said. “I know there’s been a bunch of articles. We think he’s done a great job. He’s our guy.

Edens said it’s not the owners’ policy to conduct contract talks during the season.

“Jason had real consideration and rightfully so to be coach of the year last year,” Edens said. “We outperformed (expectations).

“We had a lot of injuries (this season); there’s a lot of excuses. It’s a tough league. Everyone has their issues. John Hammond has drafted some great players over the time; he’s a very high-quality general manager.

“Jason is a young coach. We all have a lot of room to grow. We’re happy with all the progress that has been made in many areas. We’re not happy about 33 wins.”

Maybe Kidd should be on shaky ground. He oversaw the Bucks take a big step back without showing much indication he did it intentionally to get younger and more talented in the long run. All season, Kidd chased more veteran influence. And his relationship with agent Jeff Schwartz is problematic.

But Kidd has dug himself out of a hole before. He looked awful in Brooklyn before injuries force him to go small, and he coached the spread Nets masterfully. Moving Giannis Antetokounmpo to point guard late this season showed promise, and Jabari Parker, Khris Middleton and Greg Monroe are quality weapons. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Kidd has this team firing on all cylinders next season – if he wants to keep coaching.

This situation is muddied by the fact that Kidd reportedly wants to move into the front office. Kidd has proven to be a better coach than general manager, but if his heart isn’t in coaching, keeping him is a harder sell.

The best move might be retaining Kidd for now and evaluating his progress next season. It seems the Bucks are committed to at least the first part of that plan.