Report: Jeanie Buss pushing for Lakers to keep Byron Scott, who has ‘major chance’

jackson buss
AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

If there’s anyone in the Lakers’ ownership, front office or coaching staff I believe in, it’s Jeanie Buss.


Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

Believe it or not, Byron Scott has what one source described as a “major chance” to stay with the Lakers; Jeanie Buss is said to be pushing for Scott behind the scenes.

This looks bad for the Lakers on the surface. Scott is a poor coach who has failed at offense, defense, player development and chemistry building.

But perhaps, Jeanie knows what she’s doing.

Her brother, Jim, pledged to step down as head of basketball operations if he didn’t turn the Lakers into a contender. By Jeanie’s interpretation, that means at least the second round next season. Keeping Scott could sabotage the Lakers’ chances on the court.

Without Jim, the Lakers could hire Jeanie’s fiancé, Phil Jackson. I don’t know whether I’d want Jackson running my team – despite everything else, he did draft Kristaps Porzingis – but I sure wouldn’t want Jim Buss.

Would I make the front-office exchange if the cost were an additional season of Scott? It’s at least worth considering, though I’d prefer just hiring a better coach.

Jim will probably screw it up, anyway.