Report: Carmelo Anthony wants the Knicks to hire Tom Thibodeau

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Phil Jackson wants to keep Kurt Rambis as the Knicks’ coach.

Carmelo Anthony wants to be heard on the issue.

You think it’s just to support Jackson’s Rambis inclination?

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

A source close to Anthony insists that his preferred choice is Tom Thibodeau

Thibodeau reportedly wanted to coach the Knicks, but Jackson doesn’t seem interested in Thibodeau. After all, Thibodeau isn’t one of Jackson’s triangle disciples. If that’s not a deal-breaker to Jackson, it’s a major strike.

Melo’s desire for Thibodeau is logical. Thibodeau wins, and Melo is running out of time to lead a winner. Melo also hasn’t played for Thibodeau, so he might not understand the full burden of the experience. The immediate advantages are immense for a veteran like Melo.

But Kristaps Porzingis could alter the Knicks’ timeline. They, reasonably, might not want a coach who drives young players so hard at this point. Of course, they can also pass on Thibodeau for unreasonable reasons. But if they prefer a coach with more of a long-term outlook, where does that leave Melo?

On a related note, Melo – who holds a no-trade clause – stands to make about a $10 million bonus if the Knicks trade him after July 1.