Michael Jordan congratulates Warriors: ‘Basketball is always evolving’

AP Photo/Chuck Burton

Klay Thompson and Draymond Green said Michael Jordan encouraged him to break the Bulls’ record.

So, it’s no surprise Jordan handled the Warriors going 73-9, topping Chicago’s 72-10 mark, with such class.

Jordan’s manager Estee Portnoy:

This is a welcome change from the 1972 Dolphins, who – champagne toasts or not – still brag about their undefeated season at a grating level. At least Mercury Morris does, and he presents himself as speaking for the team.

Good for Jordan, whom nobody would accuse of lacking competitiveness, for seeing the bigger picture. The Warriors are great for basketball, and their season doesn’t erase the Bulls’. If anything, it should make a new generation of fans appreciate just how hard it was for Chicago to win 72.

As the Bulls’ best player took the high road, so did their most prominent fan.

President Barack Obama:

Yup, Obama sure enjoys these Warriors.