Report: Jason Kidd ‘on shaky ground’ with Bucks

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Some of the Bucks owners reportedly aren’t sold on Jason Kidd.

How’s that going for the coach/de facto general manager?

Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times:

I’m told Kidd, who was brought to Milwaukee by one of the team’s tri-majority owners and close friend, Marc Lasry, hasn’t endeared himself to the rest of the Bucks’ ownership group. Some think Kidd’s arrogant, some think his heart isn’t into coaching and are miffed he took off a portion of the season for hip surgery when he could have done it in the offseason. Some, most importantly, question his coaching acumen and his player personal decision-making.

I’ve also been told by people close to the Bucks’ situation that Kidd, once the golden boy of the organization, is now on shaky ground.

several NBA sources contend Hammond will soon be relocating to another zip code — either being fired or leaving on his own volition.

Talk among some league officials is Hammond will end up in perhaps a similar position with New Orleans.

It’s unsurprising the Bucks are considering such a major shakeup. They fell from 41-41 last season to 33-48 this year, their defense – an aggressive, trapping scheme engineered by Kidd – falling off a cliff. The step back is understandable, considering the team dumped reliable veterans to get younger players with more upside. But it doesn’t seem they internally understood the tradeoff they were making, which would indicate a flawed process. Kidd has been chasing experience on the floor all season.

If his personality or hip surgery grated owners, Kidd put his job in jeopardy by his performance.

He put together much of this team – trading for poor-shooting Michael Carter-Williams, signing ill-fitting Greg Monroe and dumping veterans like Jared Dudley, Zaza Pachulia and Ersan Ilyasova. If ownership isn’t sold on Kidd, now could be time to make a change – especially if he wants to move officially into the front office.

Actual general manager John Hammond is reportedly under contract through next season. If ousted, he could work under Joe Dumars with the Pelicans. Hammond served in Dumars’ Pistons front office before leaving to run Milwaukee.

Keeping Hammond could allow Kidd more time to prove himself as a coach. But if Hammond is also headed out, it makes it harder simply to reduce Kidd’s responsibilities.

Wholesale change becomes more logical.

The Bucks have plenty of talent in Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, Khris Middleton and even Monroe and Carter-Williams. Whomever is in charge next season has a nice base.

The big question: Will it be Kidd?