Chris Copeland suing nightclub over stabbing

AP Photo/AJ Mast

Thabo Sefolosha and Pero Antic aren’t the only NBA players suing over events outside a New York nightclub the night of April 8, 2015.

Chris Copeland, who was stabbed, has also filed a lawsuit.


According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Copeland and his girlfriend got into an argument with two other people leaving the club a year ago. He says the altercation escalated quickly, and one of the strangers stabbed him and Katrina Saltara, his girlfriend. He says they suffered serious injuries.

Copeland says 1 OAK negligently allowed the stabber into the club with a “spring-operated switchblade knife” and did nothing to prevent the stabbing.

The Bucks signed Copeland a few months after the stabbing, but they waived him in February. The Magic claimed and immediately waived him. He’s now a free agent, and payments from his guaranteed contract end at this season’s conclusion.