Report: Clippers’ Branden Dawson won’t be prosecuted for domestic violence

AP Photo/John Raoux

Clippers forward Branden Dawson was arrested last month for felony domestic violence.


L.A. Clippers player Branden Dawson will NOT be prosecuted for domestic violence … with the city attorney’s office citing insufficient evidence.

This does not mean Dawson was cleared. Our judicial system – wisely – requires a high standard of proof to convict someone of a crime. As Blackstone’s formulation states, “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”

I don’t know whether Dawson broke any laws that night. If he didn’t, his reputation has been unfairly tarnished. If he did, he’s lucky there wasn’t enough evidence.

Without criminal charges, Dawson likely won’t face NBA punishment, either.