D’Angelo Russell giving Nick Young space after leaked video: “Can’t force peace”


The D'Angelo RussellNick Young Snapchat video situation is not going to resolve itself anytime soon. That much we know. And Russell, though he has apologized to the team and publicly to reporters for surreptitiously recording a video of Young talking about an affair, has yet to make peace with Swaggy. He says he isn’t going to force the issue.

Via ESPN.com’s Jovan Buha:

“I’m getting over it,” Russell said at practice. “But if the person that it hurt the most gets over it, then I feel like it’s done. Until he lets it simmer down, then I think it will still be an issue.”

“It’s at the point where you need your space,” Russell said. “You can’t force peace. You have to let time heal it.”

As egregious a violation of privacy as what Russell did was, he’s handled it pretty well in the aftermath. He said everything you would hope he’d say in his press conference on Wednesday, and he’s acknowledging that it’s going to take Young a while to forgive him, if he ever does.

Luckily for the Lakers, their season will be over in 12 days and everyone can go their separate ways for a few months after that.