Report: D’Angelo Russell posted Nick Young video to Snapchat


D'Angelo Russell‘s video of Nick Young has Russell’s Lakers teammates isolating him, but more information could change the picture.

A big question: How did the video get out?

Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report:

From what I’m told by Lakers sources, this is a Snapchat-based snafu for D’Angelo, that he thought that he could post this and take it down right away and no one would ever see it, no one would ever save it.

He and Nick had been joking around, trying to prank each other. And this obviously went too far. And they’re learning the hard way – both of them – that if you rig your phone a certain way, that you can switch the app and save videos on Snapchat.

So, Russell recorded Young through an app designed to share photos and videos… and posted the video.. and is surprised it got out?

If that’s the case, Russell is dumber than we thought.

The fact that he’s 20 can no longer excuse his behavior. That’d be a stupid mistake for a 12-year-old.

I still think this will eventually blow over. But if Russell posted the video himself rather than carelessly letting it slip out – a damaging enough mistake, as is – it’ll be even harder for him to reestablish productive working relationships with his teammates.