Rajon Rondo wants Mavericks to miss the playoffs

Getty Images

The Kings aren’t making the playoffs. But they beat the Mavericks yesterday, keeping Dallas a half game out of playoff position.

Good luck finding someone more pleased with that result than Sacramento point guard Rajon Rondo, who spent a tumultuous half season with Dallas last year.

Rondo, via James Ham of CSN California:

“Yeah, I want them to get their plane ticket as soon as we get ours,” Rondo said. “So anytime we can help, that’s what I try to get these guys to focus on – if we’re not going to make the playoffs, then let’s help some of these guys go home with us.”

I love it. I hope sometimes-Rondo foe Rick Carlisle is just as motivated for revenge. These petty feuds are plain fun.

Plus, if that’s the mindset Rondo needs to play his best, more power to him. This only helps him help his team more.

Just imagine how psyched DeMarcus Cousins will be to spoil the season of George Karl’s next team someday.