Spurs to rest Duncan, Parker, Ginobili against Thunder Saturday, Monday vs. Grizzlies

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Steve Kerr wants to get his key Warriors players some rest down the stretch, he’s talked about it plenty. But with Golden State’s desire to chase 73 wins, he’s going to have to platoon rest for Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and the rest so they keep racking up wins.

Gregg Popovich is under no such obligation.

With the Spurs four games back of the Warriors with 11 to play, he knows he’s not getting the top seed. So Popovich is doing what he does — resting guys en mass. National television game or not.

The Spurs and Thunder are likely second-round playoff opponents, why play any cards or give OKC more confidence now?

The Spurs are sitting out Kawhi Leonard on Friday night against Memphis due to a minor quad injury. He could miss one or both of the following games as well.

Yes, the Warriors and Spurs play a couple more times, but don’t expect either team to stop resting players or tip their strategy hands in that one. Those two games will have the Xs and Os complexity of the Pro Bowl.