GM Dell Demps, coach Alvin Gentry say they are on same page, not concerned about jobs

Associated Press

The rumor/conventional wisdom around the league is that with New Orleans Saints power broker Mickey Loomis having a larger say in the running of the Pelicans, and with the struggles of the Pelicans this season, GM Dell Demps is in serious trouble.

Then on Friday comes a report from Adrian Wojnarowski that Demps has been second guessing his decision last summer to hire Alvin Gentry as coach. (Demps needed a defensive coach or to overhaul the roster for Gentry’s preferred up-tempo style, instead it was square pegs in round holes.)

In the wake of that report, both Gentry and Demps seemed to try to play things down and sound like guys who would be back next season. Together. From Brett Dawson of the New Orleans Advocate.

Nothing to see here, move along.

That’s what they’re selling right now. As the pair should. But that doesn’t mean the reports are not true (Demps trying to share blame sounds like a guy on the hot seat trying to save his job). We can expect major changes in the Pelicans roster and structure this summer. They need to put better players around Anthony Davis sooner rather than later.