LeBron James mocks those speculating about his future with Cavaliers


Is LeBron James leaving the Cleveland because he unfollowed the Cavaliers on Twitter? Does LeBron plan to bolt to play with Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul? Why are LeBron’s associates insisting he won’t necessarily finish his career with the Cavs?

In a video posted by teammate Richard Jefferson on Snapchat (hat tip: reddit user Yaqzn), LeBron addresses the speculation in a mocking tone. I don’t understand everything happening in the video (which includes some NSFW language), but this is LeBron’s most noteworthy line:

Why are you eating a banana, LeBron? Does that mean you’re going to slip on a banana peel out of Cleveland?

Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

Yes, the conjecture around LeBron sometimes reaches ridiculous levels. But he could quiet the noise if he wanted.

He could answer a simple question about why he unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter and frame it as harmless. He could put the super team plans in context as more fantasy than something he’s spending significant time thinking about during a season he’s chasing a championship with other teammates. He could stop posting cryptic tweets that, by now, he knows many interpret as directed at his teammates.

Again and again, LeBron chooses the opposite path.

He seems to enjoy the attention and drama that follows. Maybe this is his way of putting the attention on himself and easing the burden on his teammates. A less forgiving interpretation says he’s just that vain.

Either way, he shouldn’t be surprised when he invites controversy and then it shows up.