Lakers: ‘Different interpretations’ on alleged sexual harassment by Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson

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Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson were accused of sexual harassment by Alexis Jones.

Lakers release:

The following statement is being issued by Lakers team spokesman John Black in regard to inquiries about Sunday evening’s incident involving Alexis Jones and two players:

“We’ve looked into the situation and spoken to Alexis Jones as well as to Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson. Based on these conversations, our conclusion is that there are different interpretations of what happened. We support Nick and Jordan and believe what they told us about the incident and their actions. We also are supportive of Alexis and her feelings about what happened, about women’s rights, and of the fine work Alexis is doing with her organization. I had several conversations with Alexis and her publicist, and tried to arrange a meeting between her, Nick and Jordan. Unfortunately, Alexis’s schedule didn’t allow for this to happen yesterday. We will also continue to stay in touch with her about the possibility of addressing our team about the important issues with which she’s involved.”

There are “different interpretations” of everything that happens. The key question: Do Young’s, Clarkson’s and Jones’ interpretations differ significantly enough to change how the incident should be understood and treated?