PBT Podcast: Jonathan Abrams talks new book about high school to NBA generation


Kobe Bryant. Kevin Garnett. LeBron James. They are the most captivating players of the past couple decades in the NBA.

Leon Smith. Lenny Cooke. Taj McDavid.

You probably don’t know who they are. What ties them all together is they all went straight from high school to the NBA in a decade starting in the mid-1990s. Many others not mentioned at the extremes when on to have solid careers (Jermaine O’Neal, Tyson Chandler, Al Harrington to name a few).

Jonathan Abrams new book “Boys Among Men” takes a detailed look at the high school to NBA generation at all levels, and he joins NBC’s Kurt Helin to discuss that trend, what happened to the players, and the future of the one-and-done rule.

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