Matt Barnes suspended one game for chasing Henson to locker room; Vasquez, Antetokounmpo, Monroe fined


Matt Barnes had to know this was coming — he chased an ejected opponent to the locker room. The league wasn’t going to let that slide.

Memphis’ Barnes has been suspended one game the league has announced, he will sit out Saturday when the already short-handed Grizzles host the Los Angeles Clippers. Frankly, Barnes should be happy it’s just one game. But even with this one game, Barnes has cleared the $100,000 in fines mark for the season.

Also, the Bucks’ Greivis Vasquez has been fined $15,000 for following Henson to the locker room. The Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo and Greg Monroe each picked up a $10,000 fine for their roles in the incident.

You can see the incident in the video above. The game was over, there were less than 10 seconds left and Milwaukee was up by 10. The Grizzlies had the ball, but rather than dribble it out Barnes decided he was going to take one last shot, drove into the lane and took a shot — and John Henson rejected it.

Then Henson taunted Barnes, for which he was ejected.

Barnes kept complaining to the refs and, according to the NBA, using profanity for which he as assessed technicals and ejected.

Barnes chased Henson down the tunnel. Watch Grizzlies’ coach Dave Joerger try to hold Barnes and call security over.

Barnes went to the Bucks’ locker room looking for Henson, according to the league. Barnes denied that, saying he got led to the wrong locker room, but league officials did not buy that story.

Henson would not leave the Bucks’ locker room after the game until the Grizzlies’ bus left the arena.