Dirk Nowitzki likes to see Stephen Curry shoot crazy threes, too

Associated Press

He probably likes it less in person, but…

Dirk Nowitzki likes watching Stephen Curry shoot the rock as much as you do.

Curry’s handles and range — plus the fact he’s skinny and not relatively tall, making him relatable — have made him the most popular player in the league and a must-watch guy who crosses over to a mainstream audience. But make no mistake, NBA players are blown away by him too. Check out what Nowitzki told Tim MacMahon of ESPN.

I mean, I don’t think this league has ever seen anything like it. His range is basically as soon as he crosses half court. He’s making shots look routine that no other player can even make in practice consistently. He just makes it look effortless. He just kind of goes up from the dribble in one motion, doesn’t waste any effort there. Incredible.

He’s so much fun to watch. When he’s in the zone, I catch myself screaming at the TV, ‘Shoot! Shoot!’ as soon as he crosses half court. It’s so much fun to watch.

It is fun.

It will be interesting to see how Curry handles the added hype and pressure he and the Warriors will bring into the playoffs this season. Although, based on how they handled the added hype and pressure of winning their first NBA title, I would say they will be just fine.