Carmelo Anthony says he wouldn’t accept Phil Jackson coaching only Knicks’ home games

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Phil Jackson coaching only the Knicks’ home games next season?

The idea is probably too outrageous to happen.

Just in case, Carmelo Anthony is using his platform as a cornerstone player to campaign against the plan.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

What does not accepting the arrangement entail? How would Jackson and Kurt Rambis each coaching half the team’s games actually work?

The latter question, though intriguing, should be similar to the former:

The Knicks shouldn’t find out.

If everyone – owner James Dolan, players, assistant coaches – is fully on board with a Jackson-Rambis coaching split, it might work. But it leaves the Knicks so open to internal fractures and feuding.

Melo just sent a strong message by publicly declaring he’s against the plan, and he could further derail it by turning the locker room against it. If the idea weren’t already dead, this should end it.