Report: Forget NFL, Nate Robinson signs to play in Israel

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Having lost a step in his athleticism, Nate Robinson’s phone was not ringing for another NBA roster spot after the Pelicans waived him this season.

That had him dreaming of a shot in the NFL.

Instead, he’s taking is talents to Israel, according to the well-connected David Pick.

This was always the next logical step for the three-time dunk contest champion and fan favorite, either Europe or China.

Whether he could have played in the NFL is up for debate, but as an undersized 32-year-old rookie cornerback the odds were very, very long. Robinson’s lost step hurts him in the NBA, but he’ll still be one of the most athletic players in Israel (or any of the European leagues). Plus with more practices and fewer games, there is less wear on his body.

This is still Nate Robinson, I expect we will see some impressive highlights wherever he plays.