Andrew Bogut seems to call out Damian Lillard for recklessly injuring Andre Iguodala


Andre Iguodala will miss two weeks with an ankle injury.

His Warriors teammate – Andrew Bogut, who finished third in a player poll on the NBA’s dirtiest players – apparently wants to talk about the play where Iguodala got hurt.

Bogut (hat tip: CSN Bay Area):

If he weren’t tweeting about Damian Lillard, Bogut sure disguised it well. The Golden State center is smart enough to know how his tweet would be interpreted.

I don’t think Lillard did anything dirty or even that reckless on the play. He was diving for a loose ball and, once he left his feet, didn’t have full control of how he contacted Iguodala.

But Bogut makes a fair point: If that were a player with a dirty reputation instead of Lillard – say, Matthew Dellavedova – the play would’ve gotten much more attention.

If you’re a Comcast subscriber in the Bay Area, you can stream tonight’s Warriors-Pelicans game here.