Stan Van Gundy says he’s not worried about potential union grievance on behalf of Donatas Motiejunas

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The National Basketball Players Association is reportedly considering filing a grievance after the Pistons voided the Donatas Motiejunas trade.

Pistons president/coach Stan Van Gundy says bring it on.

Van Gundy, via Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

“Those things come up,” Van Gundy said at American Airlines Arena. “He’s upset for very personal reasons, and I understand it, but we did everything by the book and followed the process exactly the way it’s laid out to be followed and we made a decision we had every right to make based on very legitimate reasons.”

“I don’t worry about it all,” Van Gundy said. “I don’t begrudge him if he wants to file the suit. He can do what he wants. We’re not the least bit worried about it.”

It’s difficult to find wrongdoing in the Pistons’ process of voiding the trade, but the case could hinge on whether they said anything inappropriate afterward. The Collective Bargaining Agreement states:

each Team may make public medical information relating to the players in its employ, provided that such information relates solely to the reasons why any such player has not been or is not rendering services as a player.

Did Van Gundy make Motiejunas’ medical information public when Motiejunas wasn’t in the Pistons’ employ – i.e., after the trade was voided? Van Gundy’s comments after Motiejunas accused Detroit of using his physical as an excuse to back out of the deal come closest.

If the union is going to file a grievance, it must do so by March 23 – 30 days after the Pistons voided the trade. Then, Van Gundy can make his case to someone who counts.