DeMarcus Cousins takes to Instagram to say he was in the right


If DeMarcus Cousins feels he’s been wronged, he cannot and will not let it go. It’s true of battles big and small. Not with a referee, not with his coaches, not with anyone. It’s why his argument with George Karl during a timeout in the Kings’ loss to the Cavs Wednesday night spilled over into the locker room after the game with Cousins even venting to GM Vlade Divac. That got Cousins suspended for Friday’s game by the team.

Still he’s not going to let it go.

Cousins took to Instagram Thursday night to make his point. Not just once. Not just twice. But three times.

Cousins will come back and say all the right things publicly. But the Kings have some serious work to do to have their star and their coach/front office on the same page (which isn’t easy when the owner keeps turning that coach/front office page all the time).