Steve Kerr: Rest trumps Warriors’ chase of 72 wins

Getty Images

Stephen Curry wants the Warriors to chase the Bulls’ 72-10 record. So does Harrison Barnes.

But Golden State coach Steve Kerr – like Luke Walton – is pumping the brakes.

Kerr, via Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports:

“Resting, that will take precedence,” Kerr said. “We will rest guys if they need it before we will go for any kind of streak or record, that’s for sure.”

The 55-5 Warriors are so good, they might not have to make the distinction. Curry has sat out 16 fourth quarters, Klay Thompson eight, Draymond Green 12 and Andrew Bogut 29 this season.

This is a rare chance for a team to build its legacy in the regular season. Only 72-10 Bulls have a single regular-season accomplishment worth noting when discussing the all-time great teams.

Golden State should chase that.

Of course, health must remain a huge consideration. Falling short of the title would instantly erase nearly all of the triumph of breaking Chicago’s record.

But, in this balancing act, I expect Kerr to lean more toward winning than he would with a 67-win team.