NBA: James Harden shouldn’t have drawn crucial foul against Pelicans

Getty Images

James Harden drew a foul by jumping on Jrue Holiday’s back.

But that wasn’t the last time Harden got a whistle he didn’t deserve in the Rockets’ 100-95 win over the Pelicans on Wednesday.

Harden drew an Anthony Davis foul with 1:52 left that was called in error, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report:

Harden (HOU) takes an unnatural path and initiates the contact with Davis (NOP) prior to falling to the floor.

As usual, we can’t know what would’ve happened if this call were made correctly. It was the only officiating error in the report.

But Harden went to the line and gave Houston an extra two points.

The Rockets’ advantage once New Orleans began intentionally fouling? Two points.