Carmelo Anthony tells heckler to ask James Dolan for his money back

Associated Press

Think a few years of missing the playoffs and losing more games than he’s won in New York isn’t starting to wear on Carmelo Anthony? No matter how much he’s getting paid.

Late in the game during the Knicks’ home loss to Portland Tuesday (104-85),  Anthony heard it from a heckler a few rows back about how unhappy he was with the team’s effort. Ian Begley of ESPN has Anthony explaining the details of what happened.

“He kept calling my name, calling my name, saying, ‘You guys suck, you guys suck,'” Anthony said after the Knicks’ 19-point loss to Portland. “At that point, I was trying to gather myself, and I turned around. All I did was point at Dolan and told him, ‘Look, the owner’s right there. Ask for your money back.’ He’s calling me and telling me he’s never coming to another game and we suck. Just don’t want to hear that. I pointed to the owner and told him, ‘You deal with that with him. Maybe you can get your money back.'”

Dolan is such a man of the people I’m sure he would love to have a long conversation with an angry fan who wants his money back. That’s going to go well.

Dolan is reportedly frustrated with his team. That is a long line he’s standing in.

You can’t blame the heckler for being disappointed with the effort of the Knicks. Coach Kurt Rambis has said he’s frustrated. And so is Anthony.

“It’s tougher now,” he said. “At least last year [we] were in a situation where we had to start from the bottom, from the ground up. This year we got off to a good start. We had spurts where we was playing very well and we had spurts where we wasn’t playing well. Everything just shifted all of a sudden for us.”

The question becomes, will Anthony be frustrated enough this summer to waive his no-trade clause? If he does and he gets moved, he gets a 15 percent salary bump, which can help one’s motivation. If/when the Knicks strike out with free agent Kevin Durant, does all this frustration have Anthony finally being open to a move?

And what would James Dolan think about that?