Report: Several NBA teams upset by Heat’s buyout of Beno Udrih

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Beno Udrih is in the final year of his contract and out for the season. The only logical (legal) thing for him to do is collect the rest of his guaranteed salary and hope for the best in free agency.

Yet, Udrih forfeited a portion of that money in a buyout — which presumably gets the Heat below the luxury-tax line after signing Joe Johnson.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN:

Several NBA teams are upset by an unusual agreement between the Miami Heat and veteran guard Beno Udrih that will get the team out of paying the luxury tax, sources told

Other teams ought to be upset.

Miami now figures to avoid paying the tax (though it would’ve been a small amount), receive a portion of tax payments distributed to non-taxpaying teams and escape repeater penalties for the next few years.

And what does Udrih get for that? At face value, nothing except less money.

If you think teams are upset now, just wait until Udrih signs an above-market contract with the Heat this summer.