Rajon Rondo, Kings earn back-to-back delay of games inbounding ball (VIDEO)


You don’t see that every day.

The Kings had confusion trying to inbound the ball for a final shot at the end of the first half against Oklahoma City Monday night, Rajon Rondo tried to delay things, and the result was back-to-back delay of game penalties. That gave the Thunder two free throws (because the Kings had a previous delay of game call from the first quarter), which took the Thunder lead from six to eight at the half.

After the game, Rondo refused to comment. George Karl described Rondo not taking the ball as him being stubborn, and added the referee Haywoode Workman was a little stubborn, and the result was delays of game penalties. Rondo got another one in the fourth quarter for refusing to accept the ball from an official.

Just another day in Sacramento.