Meet the Clippers’ new mascot: Chuck the Condor


Apparently the Clippers needed a mascot. So they turned to one of the most majestic animals of California — the Condor. The largest bird in North America.

Then they turned it into a cartoon version.

The Clippers unveiled their new mascot on Monday night, and words don’t do it justice.

I think ESPN’s Arash Markazi put it best:

The Clippers (including Doc Rivers) spun this as “he’s like us, the California Condor was almost extinct but now is making a comeback.” Okay. That’s true about the bird. The Condor also is a vulture, a bird that picks at the carcases of other animal’s kills. Apply that metaphor to the Clippers’ roster building techniques if you wish.

Not long after being introduced, Chuck dunked off a trampoline. That was followed by 59-year-old Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer dunking off a trampoline. It was quite the halftime show in LA.