Hassan Whiteside: Marcus Smart flops (video)


Marcus Smart quickly developed a reputation as an aggressive defender last season — maybe even too aggressive if you ask DeMarcus Cousins, who accused the then-Celtics rookie of being dirty.

But, according to Hassan Whiteside, Smart has gone the opposite direction this year.

Whiteside, via Jason Lieser of PalmBeachPost.com:

“Smart got away with some good flops at the end,” Whiteside said. “There’s plenty of film that shows that’s what he do. He got away with some good flops and then it kinda went in their direction.

“Come on, man. I didn’t even touch him. You could look at countless film. That’s what he do. He flops. I don’t care if y’all go tell him. He flops. That’s what he do.”

I’m reluctant judge intent from afar, because not everyone has perfect balance at all times. Smart could’ve fallen without flopping.

But, watching those fourth-quarter fouls Smart drew on Whiteside, I definitely see why the Heat center is upset.

If you’re a Comcast subscriber in Boston, you can stream tonight’s Celtics-Jazz game here.